Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Some more stuff... this nifty newspaper ad for Felix the Cat (now with glorious Western Electric sound!) dated August 15, 1930, with no specific title, and apparently destined primarly to film projectionists—as revealed by the magazine it was sourced from. Still can't make out the illustrator's name though.

Here's another ad for a film rental office, this time from October 24, 1930:

As you can see, this office offered a selection of talkies, sing-a-longs, short sketches and cartoons. Unfortunately I cannot associate these titles to a specific film—though Jeannot Lapin is familiar for being associated with titles featuring Oswald the rabbit.
All of these films could be delivered in 33 1/2 disc format.

And to end this post, have a look at this very classy illustration for the Snow-White bracelet, courtesy of the Cartier jewelry—this ad was published in the June 1938 issue of a women's magazine (Femina). Who is to say that cartoons and haute-couture don't mix?

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