Thursday, February 23, 2012

Scavenging From (Digitized) Moist Paper

I've had lots of fun searching through vintage newspapers...
Where do you find details of events from the past you may have never heard of before?
Where do you find critical information about a seemingly mysterious event from the past?
If you guessed correctly, you'll be rewarded a double vanilla-chocolate ice cream with whipped cream and almonds. Basically, they are snapshots of social life at a given date.
 And because I love cartoons - heck, who doesn't?, I, for this time, will share vintage news articles relating to cartoons.
OK, who here can tell what we're seeing? (I somehow have the feeling that I'll have to keep my ice cream for myself) This is an article from a french-language weekly entertainment trade magazine christened Les Spectacles - and run by the Syndicate of Film Renters from Lille, dated May 23rd, 1930, reporting Warner and Vitaphone's announcement of a series of 12 Looney Tunes (check out the ridiculously corny translation: "Folles Rengaines"!), in which would star Bosco and his petite amie. There's a mention of the first one already out in American screens. Then followeth a statement on how the musical score make the cartoons "international" and give the audience's interest a boost, and how, to put it in modern language, "this is gonna be a success".
Michael Barrier mentions a three-year contract signed by Harman and Ising with Schlesinger on January 28th, 1930 resulting in the making of Looney Tunes
More to come on next posts!

Monday, February 20, 2012


Greetings people, you have found my blog, now have a double vanilla-chocolate ice cream with whipped cream and almonds.
For those who don't know, Barbezinc was the French name for this guy:
(image courtesy of Cartoon Research)

As the title suggests, I might post stuff of interest I usually find by scouting around. Some stuff you may have never seen before - though I can't guarantee that. Stuff of all kinds, albeit primarly focused on my hobbies. And, above all, stuff  I think is worth sharing, naturally.
Now put your glasses (not your 3-D glasses!), inhale, exhale, stretch your arms and legs, sit back, fasten your belts (make sure they're not too tight), brace yourselves and enjoy!